A New Start

Today I begin again… I wrote this morning (God-writing–where I write questions and listen, and write, the answers that I hear from God), as I used to do daily. Then life got in the way this last month. Today I start anew. We all have to do that… keep picking ourselves up and starting over when we fall off the horse, or the wagon, or whatever else we might be riding. No one is perfect, yet life is perfect!

If we say we believe in a Creator, a Higher Power, then we must believe that life is perfect, even when it doesn’t turn out the way we want it to! (Ah, there’s the rub… We think God should always deliver us what we want, when God simply delivers what we need!)

So, today start again… on whatever is in your heart and soul to be or to do. I am a writer, an author of many books (some already written and published, some on shelves, some in production mode, and some still in my head!). I am also an artist; that new beginning will have to wait until Recovering Good Girl is in the hands of the perfect publisher… And for that I need to remember patience and faith. That’s the message that came in my God-writing this morning. What do you need to do to reconnect with your heart and soul? Start again today…

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