A Sunny Morning

Today I woke up again to a beautiful sunny morning… but, like life, it won’t stay that way. I live in the clouds on the side of the majestic Haleakala on Maui. It’s chilly in the mornings, and like life, it won’t stay that way either. The clouds form every afternoon OR more frequently. For several months, it would trade between glorious sun and cloudy-drizzle every two to four hours. Now, in the peak of summer, there’s more sun and the clouds seem to appear in the afternoons.

Like life, the weather is variable… Good times and not so good times. Yesterday I got (another) migraine. Why? I’m convinced it was super-stress related (though they aren’t always). Too much on my plate; too little time… and mostly not enough time alone for just me–me with me, and me with God. I am finding that I need a slower pace. After all, God boomed down to me two years ago, “You’re moving to Hawaii,” in answer to the question I posed about how I could live with less stress.

But like everything else, my issues follow me wherever I go… So, my issue of doing too much and not making enough quiet time for me is still here. For these last six months, since I’ve moved here, I have had times when I was doing well at not being on the go-go-go too much. But, like in everything else, it’s a “a one step back” time…

I am resolved to live a slower life, and it will take time. Like everything else… Patience is always on my “to-do” list. What do you need to resolve to do to make your life better?

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