suzy about us pic finalAuthor, artist, international motivational speaker, SoulCollage® facilitator, and life coach, Suzy Allegra, grew up experimenting and playing—taking dancing lessons, playing teacher with her sisters and the neighborhood kids, drawing on anything flat, writing in journals, and cooking with her grandmother. She was a dilettante at an early age.


And she hasn’t changed, though more recently Suzy has been called a “Renaissance woman.” While she likes the newer term best, she knows that it’s the variety in her life keeps it fascinating! She’s written and had two books published, trained as a SoulCollage® facilitator, had art shows, and has been an educator of everything from the alphabet to beginning readers, to presentation skills for managers in large corporations. She also privately coaches individuals in all walks of life.

In the art world…


Suzy paints what she feels, not what she sees. It’s the memory, movement, and emotions that are expressed in her art. After an eruption of abundant creativity that flowed in early 2004, she moved beyond the eclectic, whimsical, torn-paper hearts that she gave to friends and family to also create landscapes, seascapes, and abstracts.


Suzy works in mixed-media, including watercolors, acrylics, oil pastels, pen and ink, and glitter. Images emerge as the spirit of each creation move her. In all that she does, Suzy expresses her love of life through her art.

Her artwork hangs in corporate and private collections in the U.S., Europe, and New Zealand.

In the book world…


Suzy’s first book, How to Be Ageless: Growing Better, Not Just Older!, was traditionally published in 2002. She spent 18 months on the road, having sold her home in wine country Northern California, to fund her adventure. She’s appeared in hundreds of print, radio, and TV media throughout the U.S.


How to Be Ageless received praise from many, including best-selling author, Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D., who said, “Suzy Allegra offers specific ways for anyone struggling with aging issues to overcome and even embrace the beauty and mystery of not just growing older, but better.”


Her second book, Where’s Your Organization’s Heart? Questions to Propel Your Business to Greatness (2005) was a handy little book, full of questions that encouraged leaders and employees alike to look at themselves and reflect on their effectiveness and attitudes.


Her articles have been published in national and international publications. Ken Shelton, of Executive Publications, called Suzy “One of the top 100 thought leaders of 2007.”


Suzy’s writing nature ebbs and flows, as a true dilettante’s does… She has written three other books, all of which are history (or perhaps “herstory”), as her focus moved elsewhere. Rather than publish her memoir, Recovering Good Girl, she gives classes and coaches women privately in becoming all that they can be.

In the teaching, speaking, and SoulCollage® world….


“A teacher in my Soul,” is how Suzy best describes herself, if she had to choose between all of her endeavors. An educator for over 35 years, she began teaching elementary school (most grades) and families in public school systems. She then went on to train and motivate adults in public seminars and the corporate world—everything from mastering change to keynote speeches at women’s conferences all over the U.S.


Today Suzy happily lives on Maui, and teaches personal growth classes at the islands’ great senior center. She also facilitates SoulCollage® classes, having fallen in love with that process several years ago.


SoulCollage® is a process using your intuitive nature to create collaged cards that will not only be beautiful to look at, but will also tell you what’s going on internally, and who you are at a deep personal level. It marries everything Suzy believes to be important—intuition, creativity, psychology, spirituality, community, writing, and, for her, teaching. It’s the perfect art form for Suzy, and it’s an amazing tool for everyone!

In the coaching world…


Coaching is something Suzy has always done as an adult, even before the word was coined. She remembers fondly that, as she was struggling with her own divorce, a stranger taking a class with her, told her how much Suzy had inspired her. It’s just her encouraging, supportive nature (She’s a two on the Enneagram). Even when she’s not being a coach, that compassionate quality comes through. She takes private clients on a part-time basis.


Suzy operates with the highest integrity, always guiding her clients in finding their own unique path. There are no boxes in what she does or how she coaches. Each client is a rare individual with a distinct set of circumstances. If you want more joy, confidence, peace-of-mind, and/or authenticity, Suzy will lovingly and faithfully supply the support and guidance.


When Suzy isn’t teaching at Kaunoa (the senior center), facilitating SoulCollage®, or coaching, she’s traveling, cooking, exercising, and having fun with her friends.


If you want to discover how to live your bliss, like Suzy has, contact her for coaching, or take her classes. We all have the answers inside, and Suzy can help you find yours.

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