Welcome to Good Girl No More

Welcome to the new blog for those of us who are recovering from the good girl syndrome (TM). We’ve given away ourselves, pleased others, at the expense of our well-being and our happiness… and now it’s time to reclaim our lives and do what feels good for us. Yeah! Join … Continue reading

A Day In the Life Part 1

I’ve learned to take care of myself… give myself time off, play, be with friends… but then when I have a deadline, I’m hyper-focused… Yesterday and today I put in LOTS of hours, getting the editorial outline ready for my new editor. Exciting and quite a challenge. Had to sum … Continue reading

Another Day

Well, I’ve been avoiding writing this blog for forever; with only two entries… BUT, good news (bad news?), I’m getting close to making it a regular part of my life. My new websites are ALMOST complete; can’t wait… Once I feel I have those in place, I’ll begin again here … Continue reading


Well, I haven’t been the most prolific blogger in the world, though someday that may change… I’ve been completing my book, proposal, and getting my new websites finished. Someday they’ll be finished. I know now not to wait for that “someday” because all that does is put life on hold. … Continue reading

Daily Recovery

Okay, Julie from the movie Julia and Julie (or is it visa versa?) I’m sorry that I don’t remember your real last name… You’ve inspired thousands, if not millions, of us who have something to share to really “do it” on the web. So here I go… I am like an alcoholic; … Continue reading

A Sunny Morning

Today I woke up again to a beautiful sunny morning… but, like life, it won’t stay that way. I live in the clouds on the side of the majestic Haleakala on Maui. It’s chilly in the mornings, and like life, it won’t stay that way either. The clouds form every … Continue reading

A New Start

Today I begin again… I wrote this morning (God-writing–where I write questions and listen, and write, the answers that I hear from God), as I used to do daily. Then life got in the way this last month. Today I start anew. We all have to do that… keep picking … Continue reading


I almost forgot to write today; too much to do. Consistency is something I can create in a smooth sauce in the kitchen (I am–or was–a good cook), but consistency in doing something with regularity is not my strong suit. Yet, to learn anything new, we must consistently practice that new behavior. … Continue reading

Tired But Not Lost

It’s Saturday, but for an author or anyone else who works for themselves, it’s simply another day of the week. I have writing to do (I’ve done my morning “God-writing” already), and I’m tired. A good girl conundrum… Work–something needing to be done vs. taking care of my needs. I’m … Continue reading

Little Annoyances

What do you do when you have little annoyances? Good girls swallow them, put on a smile and pretend nothing is the matter… Or they pout, whine, and act like a martyr. Neither of these are healthy reactions when something is bothering you. But, do you gripe about every little … Continue reading

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