Traveling Again

I’m off again. (At least this is a short trip to Honolulu to volunteer at the Hawaii Writer’s Conference). I used to love to travel, but since moving to Maui, I don’t even want to go down the mountain from where I live. I seem to be traveling quite a … Continue reading

Exhaustion and Then Some

I have had a very intense month, which will continue for a few more days until I get home (again). I am beyond exhausted and I have to “hold it together” until I finish volunteering at the Hawaii Writers’ Conference Sunday night. What I know that is important is this: When I’m … Continue reading

Beginning Anew

I’m back home on Maui… yeah! I can’t remember the last time I was this happy to be home. I’m a die-hard traveler. I love it, no matter where I go. (Okay, that may be a bit of an overstatement, but in general, I’ve always loved exploring someplace new or … Continue reading

Keeping It Simple

I turned over a new leaf this last Labor Day; one week ago today. I decided I needed to keep things simple, do less, sleep and relax more, and to attempt to live life slower and less stressed. So far, so good! And it’s not been that simple either. Of … Continue reading

Spam and Rain

It’s raining outside, but the rest of Maui (or most of it) is sunny and warm. It’s always cooler in Kula, they say, and as I’ve written before I live in a cloud. Right now it’s raining in this cloud… and it’s expressing my own tears… My tears are for … Continue reading


What distractions are getting in the way of you doing your life’s purpose? I am good at letting all kinds of distractions affect me… most importantly, my relationships–of all kinds, though the intimate relationship is the most distracting of all. I let my sweetheart invade my space and I move … Continue reading

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