I almost forgot to write today; too much to do. Consistency is something I can create in a smooth sauce in the kitchen (I am–or was–a good cook), but consistency in doing something with regularity is not my strong suit. Yet, to learn anything new, we must consistently practice that new behavior.

While not my strong suit, I know I can be consistent for periods of time, if I’m motivated enough… Ah, another key to creating new behavior: motivation. Now that I can have a lot of–if I want something badly enough. And being a better, more self-actualized, healthier person is something I’ve been motivated to be for the last almost-thirty years.

I learned about “positive self-talk,” affirmations, mantras (whatever words you want to use), in my mid-thirties and they changed my life. They (with books, classes, tapes, and a wonderful spiritual teacher) began the path I’ve taken ever since.

When I’ve spoken to groups or worked with individuals, I’ve said thousands of times, “There’s only one person you can change in the world: You!” I believe that… and to this day, bettering myself is my highest goal.

To reach that objective, I need to push past my ADD-type behavior and remain focused and consistent… Not my strong suit, and I still work at those qualities because the end result is so worth the effort. What qualities do you need to enhance to reach your goals?

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