Daily Recovery

Okay, Julie from the movie Julia and Julie (or is it visa versa?) I’m sorry that I don’t remember your real last name… You’ve inspired thousands, if not millions, of us who have something to share to really “do it” on the web. So here I go…

I am like an alcoholic; my recovery (from having the “good girl syndrome”) is daily. The Universe conspires to send me challenges often, it seems… That means I keep needing to do more introspection (sometimes by myself, sometimes with professional help). However, I go through this introspective time on a cyclical basis.

I’ve been keeping track for 20 years… Every fall, I go inward, cleaning and clearing up old psychological debris. Some years it’s light and easy; some years it’s deep and I’m walking through sludge. I am always joyful and happy during the holidays. I love them for their time of connection to loved ones, and for the romance of them, as well…

I surface after the new year, somewhere between mid-January and end of March. My surfacing almost always arrives with a new epiphany. I know the inner-work I’ve been doing has paid off, and I’m another rung higher on the ladder to enlightenment, which, btw, I have no illusions of reaching the peak any time soon. I am a traveler on this earth and I keep intending to do good; to make a difference in as many people’s lives as I can…

The more recovered I am, the better able I am to teach those who need to learn. I know this inner path that I’m walking will only lead to good.

May your inner path lead you to only good too.

Aloha blessings,


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