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Recovering Good Girl:

How to Reclaim Your Life When You’ve Given Yourself Away

Most women are taught to be good girls—by their families, their religions, and their cultures. Good girls are any woman who was raised to believe that: 


· She has to give up her dreams for someone else—parents, spouses, children, bosses, or ideologies 
· Her needs are less important than anyone else’s 
· She has no power to change anything—herself, at home, work, or in the world 
· It’s usually her fault when things go wrong 
· Everything has to be perfect in order for it to be good enough 


All this culminates in poor self-esteem, and not fully living a life of confidence, joy, and authenticity. By giving away themselves, women often never find out their deepest desires. They never discover the way they’re meant to be in the world or their true talents. 


Good news. Thanks to the inspiration and information in Recovering Good GirlHow to Reclaim Your Life When You’ve Given Yourself Away, women will walk away with methods, techniques, and strategies to begin a new life immediately. They’ll learn the principles of being themselves, taking care of themselves, and following their own drummer. This workshop is not to be missed. 

Traversing Transitions:How to Handle Change with Courage and Grace


Change is the only constant in our lives, today more than ever before. You have to live with it, but can you thrive in it? That’s the question that stops most people. They deny, resist, or fight against it—none of which helps. Learn how to flow with any change you’re experiencing now or in the future. Find the courage to succeed in a new way, and do it with grace.


Discover simple concepts, dynamic strategies, and essential skills needed to adjust easily to the constant changes taking place, so that you can blossom wherever you’re plantedLife will never be the same after you apply what you learn!

Creativity from the Heart:
How to Discover Your Uniqueness & Let it Out to Play

Do you consider yourself creative? If so, congratulations! Most people don’t, yet everyone is… It’s a matter of degree and realm, confidence in your abilities, and knowing how to access that part of your mind.  


What does creativity have to do with being successful? Innovation is what winning people and companies have. Microsoft and 3M are two examples. Those companies would not be here today without uniqueness at all levels. How can you increase your ability to be creative? This program will answer that and give you concrete strategies for boosting your imagination. 

Life Balance:
How to Welcome the See-Saw of Life

Sometimes it seems like life is out of control. It is! We can’t control much of what goes on in our lives, but we can make changes that make our lives happier, healthier, and less stressed.  


This means eliminating aspects of our lives that no longer serve us, saying “no” to things that create chaos, resentment or anger in our lives, and making choices that bring us joy. It can be done… simply, if you are willing to take bold steps for positive change!  


This program will give you the “what” and “how” to feel more at ease in life, even when the see-saw bounces up and down. Come learn in this inspiring and interactive session.

How to Be Ageless: 
How to Live Your Life Fully No Matter What Your Age!

Most people start to get worried—even downright frightened—when they look in the mirror and first notice the gray hairs, wrinkles, sagging skin, or receding hairlines. This experience is now happening to the baby-boomers—the largest segment of our population. We’ve bought into the belief that we’re no good and “over the hill” when we reach a certain age. Not true! 


Discover some of the simple principles of aging (or retiring) with joy. Learn perspectives, strategies, and reminders that create happiness, confidence, and peace of mind no matter how old you are! 


The Spirit Within:
How to Bring All of You to Work

Most people today acknowledge their spirituality, whether they practice it or are involved in a religious community or not. This is not about religion; this is about your spiritual connection and bringing that, along with the rest of you, to every aspect of your life, including work.

Can you celebrate the wonder of your life each day? Can you bring that awe into work and operate from that level of integrity? Can you acknowledge that you and your Creator (please use the best word for you here) are at work together; that everything is co-created?  


When you can do this, everything changes: Your outlook, your expectations, and your level of stress. You realize that you are operating at your highest capacity in terms of integrity and you leave the rest up to Spirit. Your stress goes down, your expectations evaporate, and you’re happier no matter what the outcome. It’s an exciting place to function from… and it can be done when you bring the Spirit within you to all of your life. 

Optional, but highly recommended, as a unique aspect of all of the above programs: Participants will leave with a simple piece of HEART-art to remind them of their focus for attaining their new goals.

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