Tired But Not Lost

It’s Saturday, but for an author or anyone else who works for themselves, it’s simply another day of the week. I have writing to do (I’ve done my morning “God-writing” already), and I’m tired. A good girl conundrum… Work–something needing to be done vs. taking care of my needs.

I’m recovered enough to know that my nap must come first, the writing second. I will write better perhaps once I’ve re-energized. But whether that’s true or not, what’s most important is that I haven’t lost the bigger picture–that I need to take care of myself (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) before I can do anything for anyone else.

I’m not lost on my priorities. Hallelujah! That is a sign of solid recovery–knowing what I need and then making sure I do it! That’s where my issue shows up more often… I can know something, but I’m so good at pushing beyond my limits, living on fumes, that it’s second nature to keep moving when I need to stop and rest. And that lesson is up in my face these days, as I’ve had three – four steady weeks of on-the-go; some fun, some challenging. Either way, I didn’t give myself the rest I needed (and in all truth, given the events of this last month, it didn’t even seem possible, but I know I could have found a way).

So today is different… I’m taking care of myself by taking a little nap. Sweet dreams…

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