Art Videos

Below are two videos relating to Suzy’s artwork. The first one is her art set to soothing music.


The second one is about a huge project completed at Unity Church in Phoenix ending with a giant heart made by 2200 congregants. Scroll to see them both.

Art to Music


Suzy’s artwork is whimsical, fun, cheerful, light and playful. For a break from your life, and to create a bit of peace, view some of her artwork set to beautiful music:

Unity Heart-Art Project


What began as an innocent question about how Suzy could contribute her hearts to Unity of Phoenix’s spiritual programs, became a grand event where 2,200 congregants made 2,600 hearts coming together to create a giant 16 ft. x 22 ft. heart. The three minute video encapsulates it all.

If you’d like your church to participate in something similar, contact Suzy now. 

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